Applications Open for Coastal Protection Grants in SA

The South Australian government has announced the commencement of applications for coastal protection grants totalling $1 million.

Both coastal councils and community groups are invited to vie for a slice of this funding to contribute to the preservation and management of the state’s invaluable coastal resources.

The Coast Protection Board is spearheading this initiative, offering two primary grant programs: the 2023 Coast Protection Grants Program, with a substantial fund of $1 million, and the Community Participation Grant Program, which provides grants of up to $30,000. These programs are designed to empower local communities to address coastal challenges actively.

The Coast Protection Grants Program is dedicated to providing financial support to coastal councils engaged in activities aligned with the restoration, protection, and effective management of South Australia’s coastal assets. Among its highest priorities are projects aimed at countering erosion and flood risks, including foreshore protection, coastal adaptation planning, and beach replenishment. These projects are critical in safeguarding the state’s coastlines against the increasing threats of changing climatic conditions.

For not-for-profit organisations and volunteer groups, the Community Participation Grant Program offers an opportunity to collaborate with councils on small-scale coastal management projects and educational initiatives. This partnership approach aims to foster a stronger sense of community ownership over protecting and maintaining the state’s coastlines.

Those interested in applying for these grants can seek more information by emailing or call 08 8124 4928.

Applications close October 25, 2023.