Aussie Rural Fencing OFF TRAX wins Horse Fencing award

The Innovation & Excellence in Horse Fencing category of the Australian FENCING Awards for 2022 was won by Aussie Rural Fencing OFF TRAX.

The client for this project by Aussie Rural Fencing OFF TRAX requested both 2 rail and 3 rail galvanised steel post and rail horse paddocks to further improve their equestrian centre.

A total of approximately 1300 metres were constructed including specially fabricated steel rail gates.

The project included various paddock structures on either side of a driveway.

The outlook across the entirety of the paddocks when entering and driving along the driveway looking across to the arena is an impressive sight.

Products used in the project included 75 x 75 x 3 m gal posts and 115 x 42 x 2-gal rail.