BlueScope’s inspiring new colour palette

BlueScope has launched a major update of its COLORBOND® steel colour palette, featuring a refreshed range of colours.

The new colours were revealed at the Compass 2022 virtual event, which included a host of accompanying videos featuring industry experts and architects, covering topics shaping the design and building industry.

The new colours are Dover White™, Southerly®, Bluegum® and Wollemi®.

Dover White™ is a neutral colour and is an important extension to COLORBOND® steel’s pale tones.

BlueScope’s Group Marketing Manager, Antony Schillaci, said the inspiration for Dover White™ came from Australia’s chalky sands, glistening ghost gum bark and pristine alpine snow.

“Clean, crisp, and timeless, Dover White™ brings a fresh direction to the COLORBOND® steel colour palette,” said Mr Schillaci.

“Endlessly compatible, this bright white can unify a tonal scheme or bring fresh contrast to darker colours where needed.

“It’s a simple but exciting addition that is fresh, cool, bright and endlessly compatible.”

The next new colour revealed was Southerly®, described as reminiscent of distant hills, the coastal shoreline and the inviting coolness of a southerly change. Southerly® is a light grey said to mimic the neutrality of concrete.

“We believe Southerly® will provide abundant possibilities in both residential and commercial designs by complementing concrete and light renders, while also contrasting with dark steelwork, to offer both functionality and elegance,” Mr Schillaci said.

“When used in roofing, walling and garage doors Southerly® can enhance concrete and pale timbers, while contrasting with rich-coloured brick.

“Another bold new addition to the COLORBOND® steel core range is the colour Bluegum®, a ‘blue-grey’ that is indicative of cool horizons, morning mists and shades of mountain gums.”

Mr Schillaci called it “A relaxed grey with a calming mid tone.”

“Working comfortably in rural, coastal and urban settings, the balanced nature of Bluegum® gives it immediate versatility and style, coordinating easily with dark timbers, honed stone finishes and grey paving,” he said.

“We think it will be used strikingly in ultra-modern style homes and as an addition to the muted tones in native flora. That’s why Bluegum® is not only an exciting new addition to our core range, it will also be added to our Matt collection and our fencing colours.”

The final colour revealed, Wollemi®, is exclusive to COLORBOND® steel’s core fencing range.

Mr Schillaci said Wollemi® is evocative of remote forests and deep valleys, “A rich green with a hint of blue, capturing a nurturing and sophisticated tone,” he said.

“Wollemi® suits a range of fencing styles in suburban and metropolitan areas. We expect to see Wollemi® used as a dramatic backdrop to lush landscaping, or in more regional and rural locations where it softens and recedes into natural surroundings.”