Clear Brilliance – Frameless Glass Project

With a conservative block size due to the size of the pool in relation to the size of the block Clear Brilliance had to be strategic when thinking about what style and layout to opt for to ensure the space was used to its maximum capacity for the family of the client.

The products used to create this project:
• A-grade 12mm clear safety glass
• Matte black spigots
• Matte black Polaris Soft Close Latch
• Matte black hinge

The frameless glass pool fence assists in creating an illusion of continual space, by providing unobscured views from all angles. The clean and geometric architecture on this project is further highlighted by the straight and level lines of the glass panels to evoke a sense of harmony. This is further portrayed with the use of the matte black spigots to tie in with the black fittings and organic materials throughout the home.

Matte black hardware became a significant style trend in 2020 and Clear Brilliance were thrilled to be able to incorporate them so effortlessly in this project. They love how the contrast between the monochromatic and clean lines throughout and the organic flow of the water portray a stunning visual effect which is perfectly framed by the frameless glass pool fence.

The biggest concern expressed by the clients was to be able to use the space to its maximum capacity which was expertly achieved.