Codelocks celebrates a decade of innovative access control solutions

Codelocks (Australia) Pty Ltd, an access control company, is celebrating ten years of providing leading-edge mechanical and electronic access control solutions to the APAC market.

In ten years, the Australian arm of the global company, headquartered in the UK with subsidiary offices in North America and Europe, has grown into a multi-million AUS dollar business serving over 1,500 clients across Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Codelocks’ APAC General Manager, Mark Samuelson (pictured), was one of the first appointments made at Codelocks Australia and has steered the company to its tenth anniversary. Mark said, “When we first set up the Codelocks Asia Pacific entity, we had little market share and very low recognition of Codelocks as a player in the market, so building brand awareness became our number one priority.”

By holding significant stocks, Codelocks Australia can service customer demand, whether for a single unit or several thousand units. This is part of the company’s ethos to provide a level of service that is determined by the customer and unparalleled in the industry.

Colin Campbell, Managing Director of Codelocks, attributes the success of Codelocks Australia to the firm foundation that Mark Samuelson and his fellow director, Adrian Young, built through sheer hard work and determination. He said, “The company’s growth has been stellar, and that’s down to Mark and Adrian having a strong strategy from the outset and the commitment to see their strategy through. We have seen their model pay off, with strong sales through a network of industry and channel partners who actively champion Codelocks’ solutions.”

Mark said, “Ten years ago, electronic locks weren’t a big thing, and we had some work to do to convince joiners and cabinet makers of their suitability. We took care to build out from having a single level of reseller by engaging a level of expert partners who are a channel to the locksmiths and another that works with specifiers and architects. Now whenever you walk through an airport or go to a gym, school, hospital or large retail chain, the chances are you’ll see Codelocks’ products on doors and cabinets.”