Crash-rated gate from Ideal Fencing and Gates

Ideal Fencing and Gates has developed and produced a modular Australian-made crash-rated cantilever gate, a space dominated by the UK and European manufacturers importing their products into Australia.

Ideal Fencing and Gates will roll out the product to many sites across Australia and Oceania. The product is certified to International standards PAS68 / IWA14.1 and ASTM.

It takes a unique spin on the typical global offering. It can provide a cost-efficient offering, allowing final fitment of the gate and automation to be carried out by locals. This means it is a product that is easily containerised and installed all over the world without the prohibitive shipping costs associated with crash-rated cantilever gates.

Global gate manufacturing leaders typically undertake this based in the UK and Europe. Now, competing with them nationally and internationally is a huge achievement.