DeWalts Pressure Washer that Saves Time and Water

From cleaning pathways, outdoor furniture and brick walls, pressure washers can help the weekend warrior tackle a number of outdoor jobs. According to DeWalt, the power tool experts, cleaning with the right pressure washer is 10 times faster, and 10 times more water efficient, than cleaning by hand.

DeWalt has recently launched a new electric pressure washer that delivers superior cleaning performance with a robust and durable design. “The new design is user friendly, reduces water usage, and allows for easy transportation with its rugged wheels and a telescopic handle. It makes tasks such as washing your car, cleaning the outside of your house, washing down outdoor furniture, and maintaining courtyards, quick, easy and hassle free,” says Matthew Tojic, DeWalt Pressure Washers Category Manager, Mayo Hardware.

“We are seeing a shift to environmentally friendly options and homeowners are putting the “green” into having a green thumb, with an increased focus on saving water and helping the local environment,” says Matthew. “There is an increased interest in reducing water usage. Additionally, jobs such as cleaning your driveway or deck take an incredible amount of time by hand, up to half a day, whereas using a pressure washer will get the job done in about an hour.”
The DeWalt DXPW160WE comes with a pressure select dial, so the easy adjustment of pressure based on the desired cleaning application can be made. “Due to its versatility, pressure washers have become increasingly popular with homeowners. Some of the most common projects for cleaning around the outside of the home include washing mossy paths, removing mould off walls, and everyday dirt, dust and weather sediments from outdoor areas. It can also be used on fences and house exteriors for paint preparation, as well as washing the car, caravan or bike,” adds Matthew.

The DeWalt Electric pressure washer comes complete with an 8-meter hose and three cleaning nozzles including a turbo nozzle, variable pressure nozzle and a water saving nozzle. It also has a foam sprayer for easy application of cleaning agents. The built-in hose storage reel and nozzle storage makes packing up easy. The weekend warrior now has the help of 2,320 Rated PSI cleaning power to tackle the toughest jobs with a 2500-watt high performance motor.

Sharing his top tips, Matthew says, “When cleaning fences and walls, start at the top and work down horizontally – spray into the sides of posts as they meet the fencing to avoid splashback. If it’s a driveway, start at the top so the water runs away from where you are cleaning.
If you have a large space to clean, it’s best to just point further away as it reduces pressure the further it shoots but also increases the width of spray to allow you to work faster when less pressure is required. It is much faster than cleaning by hand and being light weight, it is easy to move around”

Rather than labouring through the chores, a switch to a pressure washer is a great way for homeowners to do their bit for being water wise and environmentally friendly while reclaiming their weekend.

The DeWalt DXPW160WE 2320PSI, 8.5L Electric Pressure Washer is available from Bunnings Warehouse and is RRP $399.00.

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Source: THE FENCE magazine