Energy incentives for SMEs a triple treat

The pre-Budget announcement of incentives for small and medium business to upgrade and update their energy usage is very welcome, Innes Willox, Chief Executive of the national employer association, Ai Group, said.
“Business energy upgrades can deliver a triple dividend by lowering bills, emissions and the pressure on our energy systems as they transition,” Mr Willox said.

“The new targeted tax incentive could be very helpful for millions of small and medium-sized businesses over the coming year, as long as the definition of eligible businesses and expenditure is easy to navigate.

“History tells us incentives of this type are highly attractive to business.

“Lack of suitably qualified tradespeople could put the brakes on this program. The Government should work closely with industry on ways to address this constraint.

“We also look forward to energy measures tailored for larger businesses and to a National Energy Performance Strategy that takes up the baton beyond this one-year measure,” Mr Willox said.