Euro 6d Regulations noxious for tradies

The Master Plumbers Association of NSW (MPA NSW) vehemently opposes the recent emission standards proposed by the Federal Government, specifically targeting Australia’s top-selling vehicles like the Toyota Hilux Ute, Ford Ranger, Mitsubishi Triton and many more.

Federal Transport Minister Catherine King’s announcement, on the Eve of Christmas 2023, regarding enforcing European ‘noxious emissions standards’, known as Euro 6d regulations on new cars, effective December 2025, has raised substantial concerns within the trade industry.

The MPA NSW stresses these vehicles’ critical role in facilitating essential trade operations, particularly for contractors moving heavy materials, tools, and equipment between job sites. MPA NSW CEO Nathaniel Smith expressed, “The proposed shift towards Euro 6d regulations, necessitating fully electric or hybrid versions, will severely impact the efficiency, feasibility and reliability of day-to-day operations for tradespeople.”

He also said, “Fully electric and hybrid versions of light commercial vehicles currently lack the necessary reliability and range required for spontaneously carrying heavy loads in the day-to-day operations of a contractor. Tradespeople heavily rely on diesel or petrol-operated light commercial vehicles to ensure the consistent transportation of tools, equipment, and materials essential for their work. The existing limitations of electric and hybrid models hinder their ability to meet the demands of tradespeople who rely on immediate and dependable transport solutions for their contracting needs.”

Furthermore, MPA NSW highlights that the Federal Government’s decision, plus the daily challenges business owners face, especially amidst the current economic climate with soaring living costs, will force small business owners to pass these costs onto the consumer.

“The Government’s initiative fails to consider the practical implications for contractors and workers, hindering their ability to run businesses efficiently and affordably, especially during these trying times,” Mr Smith added.

MPA NSW urges the Government to reevaluate these proposed laws in consultation with industry stakeholders, considering the practicality and financial burdens imposed on small businesses.

“The Master Plumbers Association of NSW advocates for a balanced approach that aligns environmental concerns with the operational needs of trade professionals, ensuring a sustainable and feasible transition,” concluded Mr Smith.