Gold Coast manufacturer ModnPods to produce up to 200 modular pods

Gold Coast-based manufacturer ModnPods has significantly ramped up its production capabilities, now capable of crafting up to 200 modular pods within its recently inaugurated 6,200 square metre Arundel facility.

This surge in growth has been catalysed by a Queensland Government investment facilitated through the Business Investment Fund, resulting in the generation of over 80 local job opportunities across the initial three-year period.

The company has managed to slash its previous 16-week construction timeframe down to an impressive 32 days, and currently operates with an even more remarkable 24-day turnaround. This enhanced efficiency translates to the production of a fresh pod exiting the factory every 3 days.

The surge in manufacturing capacity was enabled by a strategic investment in ModnPods by the Qld Government, made possible through the utilisation of the $100 million Business Investment Fund managed by the Queensland Investment Corporation.

In just a single year, ModnPods has quadrupled its physical space, tripled its workforce, exponentially raised production, and drastically cut build durations by 70 percent.

The coming year is projected to witness the production of up to 200 pods from the ModnPods assembly line, including bespoke housing units designed for government employees.

These ModnPods residences are set to complement the efforts of Queensland’s QBuild Rapid Accommodation and Apprentice Centre situated in Eagle Farm, forming a key component of the Methods of Modern Construction initiative.