Griffith City Fencing – McNabb Fuel Depot

The fencing installation area for this project was placed on a 1.227 degree incline over 25 metres, equating to a 400mm fall in the ground.

2.4 wide x 12.5 metre gates made to suit an incline can not be transported via normal freight. The gate was designed in two pieces and bolted together on site using a crane.

The main challenge with this project was the disturbed soil area in fence installation location and finished concrete levels.

The solution was to excavate and tie in footings underneath the sections of the fence line that were near underground tanks where the soil was disturbed.

In addition Griffith City Fencing ordered longer posts of 400mm length to allow for incoming concrete tradesman to pour the concrete without creating an issue with the fence levels / heights.

Once the concrete was done they cut and capped the posts.