Mark Behnecke – Illuminated Balustrade

Illuminated Balustrade founder and inventor Mark Behnecke knew when he started his journey it wasn’t going to be easy.

For a number of years Mark dedicated his time to bring his dream to life – to bring glass to life. Many people said it was too hard and it wouldn’t work but he didn’t give up.

The number one priority was to make a spigot that was safe.

Not only did he achieve this, but as the test results show, the patented design is now the strongest spigot in the world for its size, ensuring all industry standards and certifications have been met.

The end result is an illuminated glass fence that is not only beautiful, it becomes an added garden feature. At night the normally invisible glass barrier can be seen, another added safety asset.

Mark Behnecke is a winner of the Australian FENCING Awards.