Meet the easiest to install Steel Post and Rail fence – Buckley Steel Post and Rail fencing system

A good demonstration of Buckley’s engineering can be seen during installation. Every part is carefully created, and each step is clearly laid out to help you install the posts and rails. Follow the instructions and you will get a line of strong and sturdy fencing.

The instructions are the most important part of the whole installation process. You may find it difficult to get the results you expect if you ignore these requirements, and the warranty might be voided as well.

You receive a much more detailed installation document with a purchase; however, the following 8 steps will give an idea of how simple it is. Here’s an installation video that will also be useful in learning about the Buckley Post and Rail installation.

  1. Create a fencing plan
  2. Read the instructions thoroughly
  3. Prepare the land for installation
  4. Mark the spots for posts
  5. Concrete the posts in (wait 24 hours for concrete to set in)
  6. Put in the rails
  7. Slide in the lock spacer
  8. Wait for 3 days to let the concrete completely dry up and done!