PH Fencing – Sierra Uralla Project

This project’s customer expectations were very specific – the screening needed to provide elegant privacy if visitors chose to have a bath on the deck yet not to intrude on the magnificent view from the glamping tent.

It also needed to be in earthy materials that aligned with the surrounds.

The biggest challenge here was the angle, length and height required for this screen as it was situated beside a glamping tent on the side of a hill. PH Fencing had a 9 metre wide by 2.4m high screen to install.

Wind was an issue so the depth of the holes had to be considered. The underground rock also proved to be a challenge.

Using the right timber and spacing between slats to provide a see through impression yet screen the stone bath on the deck from the neighbouring buildings was important.

PH Fencing found that bracing to secure the slats was essential as they don’t come or stay 100% straight which involved quite a lot of securing!

The deck construction had to be stable to carry the weight of a stone bath with a stand alone privacy screen with shelf on the side of a hill was a job they had been challenged with.

The cross members under the deck needed to be placed to maximise strength under the bath for when it was filled with water and 1-2 people .