Tenders open for predator proof exclusion fence

A state-of-the-art predator proof exclusion fence on Wilsons Promontory that will span 10 kilometres from coast-to-coast and protect precious native wildlife is a step closer.

Tenders opened for the $6 million project which will create a 50,000-hectare biodiversity conservation sanctuary.

The Prom is connected to the Australian continent by a narrow peninsula known as Yanakie Isthmus – which makes it a perfect site for a world leading sanctuary − protecting native species like the Southern Brown Bandicoot, Long-nosed Potoroo, Ground Parrot, New Holland Mouse, Eastern Pygmy Possum and Hooded Plover.

Victorian Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change Lily D’Ambrosio announced the project milestone while visiting the site of the fence, which will keep out animals like foxes, deer and feral cats.

On the southernmost point of mainland Australia, Wilsons Prom is sheltered from the impacts of climate change. The added protection of the fence, combined with enhanced conservation programs, will ensure the area becomes the perfect place for threatened species.

As threats are removed from Wilsons Prom and it becomes a safer place for vulnerable native animals and plants, specially chosen rare and threatened native species will be able to be translocated there to keep them safe.

The Wilsons Prom Revitalisation project will also see park facilities upgraded to sustainably manage visitors. The project – which will deliver new and upgraded walks, more accommodation options, amenities and accessibility improvements − is expected to generate 54 jobs and add approximately $11.22 million to the regional economy.

Traditional Owners and specialist consultants will be consulted to ensure Aboriginal cultural heritage and environmental values are protected. For more information visit: parks.vic.gov.au/projects

Source: Vic Government