Tricky Gate – Triple Telescopic Sliding Gate On Slope

The most challenging part of this project was that the opening space was 3 x longer than the space available for the gates to retract into.

The ground was another challenge: a 3-degree slope running downhill towards the closing end of the gate, which was a 340mm height difference from one end to the other.

Making the gate panels the correct size took Tricky Gate some engineering. Tricky Gate also designed its own gate pulley system (telescopic system) so that the gates would all open and close together.

The whole project was custom-designed, drawn and manufactured by Tricky Gate. The gates are constructed from extruded aluminium.

The bottom section of each panel/leaf was constructed of 80mm x 40mm x 3mm RHS and this housed the internal wheels, pulleys and cable for the telescopic system.

The frame of the gate was a 40mm x 40mm x 3mm SHS radius corner that made up the sides and top of each leaf/panel. Inside that are the 65mm x 16mm secured by a 20mm x 20mm channel.

Everything was welded together and used no fixings. The Aluminium gate track was also extrusion.

The telescopic system is made up of 63mm sheaves and 2mm wire rope. Tricky Gate needed to have a reliable motor that could also pull the gates weightless up the incline and use the Nice Robus 1000.