Waratah® Flood Post

The Waratah flood post is an innovative and unique solution that can help protect fences and livestock in flood-prone areas during wet weather events.

This unique floating fence system may be used in creek crossings, causeways, river beds, tidal waters and flood plains and generally requires little ongoing maintenance.

Buoyant fence posts

  • When water levels rise, the flood post is designed to rise with the water rather than collect debris like traditional fencing.

Low maintenance

  • Water pressure on traditional fences can result in the fence breaking away, requiring expensive repairs.


  • Made from strong durable polyethylene which doesn’t rust and is UV/fade resistant.


  • May be used for electric fence applications.

Unique design

  • With 11 stainless steel eyelets and slots for horse and electric fence tape.


  • For easy installation.

Weighted ballast

  • Fill with water using a removable bung to set ballast at the desired water level.