WNS Contracting – Echo Paddock Laneway System

The primary objective of this project was to reduce time in getting from the house area out to the back paddocks to check stock, muster and move stock around the property plus allow them to perform their job with greater safety.

The fence design was 5 plain wires with 2 barbed wires on top. This allowed non-targeted species to push under the fence without damaging the fence while also being fit for purpose for the land holder to push mobs of livestock along the laneway system from A to B.

WNS Contracting believed that they were able to strike the correct balance between the flow of nature and functionality of a farming operation sharing the same geographical location.

Time savings have been significant when mustering and traveling across the property with fewer gates to open and the laneway acting as a highway to get from the farthest paddocks to the house yards.

Products utilised in this project included:
• 5 Plain wires with 2 top barbed wires
• Mostly reclaimed star posts
• 100NB steel strainer posts
• 50NB steel stays